Trish Alexander


Trish was a competitive figure skater for several years as a youth. At the age of 34 (in ’94) she returned to ice skating, but after watching an inline skater cross the street  she immediately went out and bought a pair of inline skates. In 1996 she became a Level 1 Certified Instructor. In 1998 she became a Level 2 Certified Instructor and then an Examiner several years after that. She has also obtained both Blade Fitness and Master Fitness Certifications. With Kris Simeone in 2004, she co-developed the FIT program (Fitness Inline Training), a  training and certification program for marathon skating. She is available for private lessons online or in person.

Trish is also Director for the non-profit Skate Journeys Skate School, which she started in 1999 at the Bellevue Skate King Roller Rink in Washington State. She manages a staff of 27 instructors  who help teach six levels of classes as well as freestyle slalom.  She has a passion for skating that includes a desire to play an integral role in building the larger community.  Because of the skate school, she gets to skate every weekend. Because of the talented instructors on staff, she is compelled to study and practice to improve her own skating—and what she learns, she wants to share!  Trish’s skating can be seen on numerous You Tube videos, including a series of 10 moves on K2 Skate University.  Another bio about Trish can be found on the Internet: The Alliance.



Naomi Grigg

Skate IA is pleased to partner with Naomi Grigg and the Slalom Instructor Program for North & South America. Naomi is distinguished in the world of skating, especially Freestyle Slalom. She created this certification for Europe, Asia & Australia adjusting it for the American audience based on our infancy in Freestyle Slalom. She is a Level 3 judge for WSSA (World Slalom Skating Association) and is well known for her entertaining and skill learning workshops. She currently resides in Seattle, Washington. Naomi recently published The Art of Falling, an engaging and valuable resource for all slalom skaters. We are grateful for her partnership and cultivation of slalom skating through Skate IA.

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Taylor Connors

Taylor Connors is an Examiner out of Seattle. She runs an Apprentice Program at Skate Journeys where for 8 weeks potential candidates for our Level 1 Certification may take a course designed to offer the basics of the Certification prior to taking the Certification. Skate Journeys uses this program to train potential instructors for our camps and classes. Skate Journeys offers this program to anyone 12 years of age or older. Taylor also is the Examiner at Certifications in the Seattle area and at CAMP Skate IA.  She is an asset to the organization as she skates in both quads and inlines. She has a Masters in Education with a special emphasis on kids with autism.


Judith Paulsen

Judith began as an Examiner while traveling in South America where she ran a certification in Peru having our manual translated. Judith currently stays local to Seattle, Washington, run Level 1 Certifications. Judith is an amazing teacher coming from a background of sport education in Austria, her homeland. She lives in Seattle with her husband and skates, creates games and helps us all understand that skating is simply recess. Level 1 & 2 Certified.


Shaun Unwin

Shaun became an Examiner in 2014 and will be our main Examiner for all of Canada. He runs Shop-Task in Calgary (his home town) and a non-profit in Canada which puts on events, local skates and encourages everyone to enjoy skating. His passion is infectious and his dedication to skating is unparalleled. Level 1 Certified.


Erika Corderiro

Erika is an amazing skater hailing from the land of dance, Brazil. Erika has attended all of ourConference/Camps and has delighted us with new dance moves, new ways to look at skating and teaching. She is in the process of translating the manual and will begin Level 1 Certifications in and around Brazil/South America. Level 1 & 2 Certified and FIT.


Kortnee Feriante

Kortnee is our newest Level 1 Examiner and will concentrate on Certifications in and around California, where she lives (Bay Area). Kortnee is tenacious, caring, generous and an excellent teacher and Examiner. She is also a Certified Skate IA Slalom Instructor along with her Level 1 & 2 Certifications.


Joe Walker

Our graphics, logos and branding were all designed by Joe Walker, who is creative, smart and also a top notch skater. Contact him at: