Teaching Skaters How to Teach Since 2004

Welcome to the Skate Instructors Association!

Skate IA serves ALL Skaters and Skate Instructors
For all skaters we intend to expand and inspire what is possible on skates through our premier programs: CAMP, Classes Online, Skater Challenge & accompanying videos, as well as our comprehensive Instructor Search
For Instructors: we teach Roller Skaters & Inline skaters how to teach in a professional and consistent manner; provide insurance; lesson plans; videos; free instructor learning day at CAMP; curriculum for you and your students, discounts for your students at local shops, Pro Deals from FR, SEBA, Rollerblade, K2, Triple 8, Fleet Pricing, Online Training, Covid resources and documents including liability and hold harmless waivers, Business Development manual and Certified logo products to brand your classes and schools.
We are a community for ALL skaters, a membership organization for Instructors and we work with you from Certification to Skate School to provide you with what YOU need to develop your goals and passion. We Expand What Is Possible On Skates for ALL skaters.

Skate IA is committed to building the skate community for both inline & quads and that means great, new or longtime events, supporting the various ways to skate like hockey, derby, slalom, skate park, artistic, speed. It also means promoting only quality products and supporting innovation. Thanks for your past membership and providing us with the means and support to do more and be more, each year. Because we have and we do!

Get Certified

We are proud to be the only organization that certifies Inline, Quad & Skateboarders - unifying all roller sports. We are the premier choice for our variety of programs, depth of our community, wealth of knowledge and breathe of ability to work alongside you as you develop your vision for skating. Our support does not end at the conclusion of your Certification--we are just getting started on how we support you from Skater to Instructor as you Expand What Is Possible For YOU and your students on skates.

Level 1 Certification: For inline (rollerblade)  and quad (roller) skaters who are interested in learning how to teach skating.

Level 2 Certification: For inline (rollerblade) and quad (roller) skaters who have already completed their Level 1 and who want to improve their teaching abilities and expand the moves they can teach.
Freestyle Slalom Certification: For skaters who are interested in learning how to teach Freestyle Slalom Skating.

Skate Park Instructor Certification: For skaters who are interested in learning how to teach in Skate Parks.

The Skateboard Online Certification is already live and ready for potential instructors to sign up. Certified Skateboard Instructors who complete the course will be eligible for liability insurance for individuals or as a school. Getting Skateboard Instructor certified opens up a plethora of summer job opportunities. See our jobs posting on the SkateboardIA site. Get Certified!