Skate Instructor Examination Programs

Level 1 Certification. The basic certification gives you the tools to learn the  Teaching Model, some physiology, how to ensure a safe environment, how to break down the 5 key skills and learning  true skate technique. There are three exams: written, skills and teaching.    More info:  Level 1 Certification

Level 2 Certification. Utilizes the Teaching Model for advanced learning from a technical and leadership perspective. Copious time is spent on solving common student issues. Also includes teaching to a wider variety of students such as adults, kids, and differing learning abilities. There are three exams: written, skills and teaching.  We recommend a minimum of one year between your Level 1 and Level 2 Certification. Level 2 Certification

Freestyle Slalom Certification. You do not need to be a certified skate instructor for this course as Naomi Grigg teaches you the Teaching Model just like in Level 1.  Click here for more details.

Skate Park Instructor Certification. You do not need to be a certified Level 1 instructor for this course. Developed by both Leo Oppenheim and Naomi Grigg, this certification sets you up to teach and manage classes in a Skate Park. It is brand new to our line-up of Certifications. Click here for more details.

Skateboard Certification. See for details. It’s new, it’s great, it’s about time! Online program is available now. Take it online, no need to travel, all you need is a way to video your skills and teaching and a computer.

Longboard Certifications coming soon. We are working with SBSX to create a training program for the sport of longboard supercross.

Also available and/or coming soon:  Working with special populations in conjunction with Special Olympics, British Columbia. This endorsement will be available at our CAMP Skate IA in August.