Welcome to Skate Instructors Association! (Skate IA)

Skate Instructors Association (Skate IA) teaches and certifies skaters how to teach.  We offer programs in-person and online, depending on the discipline, see our Programs Page for details. We also offer an annual camp for the general skating public called CAMP Skate IA.

Skate IA is also a membership organization providing insurance, networking opportunities, marketing advice, continuing education and resources to our Skate Instructor members.

Is your instructor certified? In order to be sure your Instructor is certified and current with the latest teaching techniques, make sure they are listed on our Instructor Search Engine. ONLY the listed Instructors have taken the Certifications, are reliable, insurable and take the opportunity to update their skills through Skate IA. Make sure they are on the list!  You know you are in trouble when your ‘instructor’ says, “well, it’s kinda like this….” and is unable to break down the skill into three digestible steps. Spend your money and time on a Certified Skate IA instructor!

front-page-imageSkate IA is also in the business of building all forms of wheeled skating, from supporting skate events with SWAG and funding, to promoting great opportunities to skate on our Events Page. We also support local skate shops who are owned by Certified Instructors, or utilize exclusively, Certified Instructors. Our new site, YouOnSkates is designed to help people learn about all forms of wheeled skating, learn new tricks, see what is new and interesting and to promote those skaters who are teaching and building skaters.  We have a great instructor search engine that allows students to easily find instructors in their area. We admit that we need 100’s more instructors to cover all the requests we get for instructors but we’ve built up our membership from 66 in 2009 to more than 160 instructors in North and South America. We support our instructors and encourage you to see their wealth of talent in teaching and performing the moves so that you can learn with clarity and ease for your learning style.

2015 Level 2 Cert in Richmond-AlienSkate IA is in the unique position of offering liability insurance to both individual instructors (skateboard, quad & inline) and to skate schools  because other organizations cannot obtain insurance for teaching skateboard, quad or inline except by special and usually expensive means. We are situated to be able to offer annual liability insurance for individuals for about $100 and about $850 for skate schools.  Please contact us for details. But your search for insurance, is over. Become certified and get insured. (Trust us, you can’t get it anywhere else because the insurance companies have designated our organization to provide insurance to the wheeled skaters)

Check out our Programs Page for further details on each of our Certifications

Level 1 Certification: For inline (rollerblade)  and quad (roller) skaters who are interested in learning how to teach skating.
Level 2 Certification: For inline (rollerblade) and quad (roller) skaters who have already completed their Level 1 and who want to improve their teaching abilities and expand the moves they can teach.
Freestyle Slalom Certification: For skaters who are interested in learning how to teach Freestyle Slalom Skating.

Skate Park Instructor Certification: For skaters who are interested in learning how to teach in Skate Parks.

Longboard Super Cross Certification: For Skaters who are interested in learning how to teach and promote Longboard Super Cross through SBSX exclusively. This certification will be offered in 2016.

The Skateboard Online Certification is already live and ready for potential instructors to sign up. Certified Skateboard Instructors who complete the course will be eligible for liability insurance for individuals or as a school. Getting Skateboard Instructor certified opens up a plethora of summer job opportunities. See our jobs posting on the SkateboardIA site. Get Certified!


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