Welcome to Skate Instructors Association! (Skate IA)

Skate Instructors Association (Skate IA) teaches and certifies skaters how to teach.   Starting in 2014, we begin offering programs both online and in-person.

Skate IA is also a membership organization providing insurance, networking opportunities, marketing advice, continuing education and resources to our Skate Instructor members.

Skate IA is also in the business of building all forms of wheeled skating, from supporting skate events with SWAG and money, to promoting great opportunities to skate on our Events Page. We also support local skate shops who are owned by Certified Instructors, or utilize exclusively, Certified Instructors. Our new site, YouOnSkates is designed to help people learn about all forms of wheeled skating, learn new tricks, see what is new and interesting and to promote those skaters who are teaching and building skaters.  We have a great instructor search engine that allows students to easily find instructors in their area. We admit, we need 100’s more instructors to cover all the requests we get for instructors. We support our instructors and our membership has a wealth of talent and we promote them!

Skate IA is in the unique position of offering liability insurance to both individual instructors (skateboard, quad & inline) and to skate schools  because other organizations cannot obtain insurance for teaching skateboard, quad or inline except by special and usually expensive means. We are situated to be able to offer annual liability insurance for individuals for about $100 and about $800 for skate schools.  Please contact us for details. But your search for insurance, is over. Become certified and get insured.

You can skate, but can you teach?

Level 1 Certification: For inline (rollerblade)  and quad (roller) skaters who are interested in learning how to teach skating to others.
Level 2 Certification: For inline (rollerblade) and quad (roller) skaters who have already completed their Level 1 and who want to improve their teaching abilities and expand the moves they can teach.

A little history: The IISA – ICP (International Inline Skating Association – Instructor Certification Program) created the original certification program in North America but ceased supprting the ICP program in North & South America in 2004. United Skate Schools Group (USSG) created a new organization to fill the void.  Janet Miller built USSG and in 2009 transferred ownership to Trish Alexander, who later changed the name to Skate Instructors Association, also known as Skate IA.

In 2014 Skate IA will be launching online versions of the Certification Program.

The Skateboard Online Certification is already live and ready for potential instructors to sign up. Certified Skateboard Instructors who complete the course will be eligible for liability insurance for individuals or as a school.


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