Renewals 2021

2021 Renewals are here!

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Early Bird Discount pricing is available during the month of December, then the price increases on January 1st and again on March 1st.

You do not have to buy insurance if you already maintain it, or will purchase later.

Early Bird (During December 2020)
Minors (in school or college): Membership $65 + Insurance $130 = $195
Adults: Membership fee $85 + Insurance $130 =$215
Skate Schools: (Includes one free membership) $1125

January First, 2021 rate will rise for membership prices:
Minors: $75 (save $10 by registering now)
Adults: $110(save $25 by registering now)
Skate Schools: $1225 (save $100 by registering now)


All members of Skate IA who are actively teaching are required to have some form of insurance, through your company or place of business or through a valid insurance policy. And, we offer very affordable insurance for your classes. You may purchase individual insurance anytime during the year for $130 for adults and individuals as long as your membership is up to date. You may purchase half year insurance (June 1-Dec 31) after May 31, for $110. Insurance now includes Abuse/Molestation coverage up to $100,000 aggregate/per occurrence–numerous locations were requiring it so we’ve added it to offer more benefits to you. Also, we’ve moved our Aggregate up to $3,000,000 to better serve YOU.

Skate School Insurance includes additional insurance benefits and is for our commercial instructors who teach in excess of 200 student/classes per year (100 students twice = 200). You also have benefits for floor damage, property damage and more. Skate Schools will be given 2 free SkateIA memberships with their purchase of Skate School Insurance. This is an increase of 1 free membership. All instructors under #SkateIA Membership must be current members in good standing. (e.g., If you are a skate school with 10 instructors, you will get 2 free memberships and you will need to obtain membership for the remaining 8 instructors.)

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If your membership has lapsed for less than 3 years, you may renew at the above prices. If you have any questions, reach out to us.
Safe Sport requirements: This year we have seen that it is important to ensure you are trained on appropriate codes of conduct and that you are clear with the finite details of working with vulnerable populations (like youth) as well as working with other staff and students. There are questions of touching, when, how and when not to touch—among many other issues to consider. The USA Gymnastics scandal meant that insurance went up for sports like ours, and that we MUST take steps to ensure that you have the TOOLS you need to be safely working with others. As an instructor, you MUST be SafeSport Trained via ($20 choose Training/01. Training) Once you complete it you will receive an electronic certificate of completion. Send that to us and we will note you are Safe Sport Certified on your web page. This is now a requirement and you have 30 days to get Safe Sport Trained from the date of your registration.


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