Renewals 2019

Additional Details


Individual Instructor Early Bird pricing is no longer available. Beginning January 5th, 2019, the Individual Membership will cost $110
Insurance runs $105 annually or $85 for the June 1st to Dec 31st option (half year option).

Skate School Early Bird pricing is no longer available. Beginning January 5th, 2019, the Skate School Membership will cost $1050 and includes skate school insurance and membership for one person. Assumes more than 200 student classes (e.g., 2 students taking 100 classes)

Minors: Those under 18 years of age. $50 (we extend this to college students, just ask us about this option) Minor price goes up to $60 in January.

ICP (Inline Certification Program) membership may be purchased for an additional $25. A list of their benefits is below or click here to go to their website,

You may purchase individual insurance anytime during the year for $105 as long as your membership is up to date. You may purchase half year insurance (June 1-Dec 31) after May 31, 2017 for $85.  Insurance now includes Abuse/Molestation coverage up to $100,000 aggregate/per occurrence--numerous locations were requiring it so we've added it to offer more benefits to you. Also, we've moved our Aggregate up to $3,000,000 to better serve YOU.

Skate School Insurance includes additional insurance benefits and is for our commercial instructors who teach in excess of 200 student/classes per year (100 students twice = 200). You also have benefits for floor damage, property damage and more.

Reinstatement must be authorized by the director prior to purchasing. You can request to be grandfathered in as a previously certified member. Reinstatement,  includes all membership logo items (patches, stickers, luggage tag/membership card, current T-shirt) and manuals for your certification, as well as the annual swag offered for membership. Contact us for details and actual price.

ICP Benefits: $25 

2019 Benefits of Being "ICP Certified"
• Updated Instructor Profile Page with Bio & Picture in Global Instructor Directory (Sample Profile: ICP Instructor David Dousse Genève, Switzerland
• Use of ICP Mark (logo) on personal website and promotional materials.*
• Access to the ICP eLearning Academy where instructors can take courses and purchase additional manuals and learning materials.
• Access to "Instructors Only" Resources on ICP Website (eLearning discount coupon codes, Updated Manuals, Lesson Plans & More!) viewable only to those who are current with registration.
• 40% Discount for Rollerblade Inline Skates for participating countries**
• 20% Discount Code for Sled Dogs Snowskates***
• 20% Discount Code for Inline Warehouse available for all Active Instructors World-Wide***
• Opportunity to be featured as an Internationally Recognized Skate School on ICP Website
• Instructor Referral Service
• Participation in World-Wide Inline Expert Community
*Instructors who do not maintain Annual Registration are not permitted to use the ICP mark (logo) or to advertise themselves as "ICP Certified"
**All North American Instructors can receive discount information on Rollerblade brand skates and accessories from the Skate IA office.
***Discount code and specific information regarding these promotions are available in "Instructor Only" Resources.