Renewals 2019

Additional Details

2019: Early Bird registration occurs between November 24th and December 31st, 2018 for the 2019 renewal.

Individual Instructor Early Bird is $95. Beginning January 1st, 2019, the Individual Membership will cost $105.
Insurance runs $105 annually or $85 for the June 1st to Dec 31st option (half year option).

Skate School Early Bird is $975. Beginning January 1st, 2019, the Skate School Membership will cost $1050 and includes skate school insurance and membership for one person. Assumes more than 200 student classes (e.g., 2 students taking 100 classes)

Minors: Those under 18 years of age. $50 (we extend this to college students, just ask us about this option)

ICP (Inline Certification Program) membership may be purchased for an additional $25. A list of their benefits is below or click here to go to their website,

You may purchase individual insurance anytime during the year for $105 as long as your membership is up to date. You may purchase half year insurance (June 1-Dec 31) after May 31, 2017.  Insurance now includes Abuse/Molestation coverage up to $100,000 aggregate/per occurrence--numerous locations were requiring it so we've added it to offer more benefits to you!

Skate School Insurance includes additional insurance benefits and is for our commercial instructors who teach in excess of 200 student/classes per year (100 students twice = 200). You also have benefits for floor damage, property damage and more.

Reinstatement must be authorized by the director prior to purchasing. You can request to be grandfathered in as a previously certified member. Reinstatement,  includes all membership logo items (patches, stickers, luggage tag/membership card, current T-shirt) and manuals for your certification, as well as the annual swag offered for membership. Contact us for details and actual price.

ICP Benefits: $25 

2019 Benefits of Being "ICP Certified"
• Updated Instructor Profile Page with Bio & Picture in Global Instructor Directory (Sample Profile: ICP Instructor David Dousse Genève, Switzerland
• Use of ICP Mark (logo) on personal website and promotional materials.*
• Access to the ICP eLearning Academy where instructors can take courses and purchase additional manuals and learning materials.
• Access to "Instructors Only" Resources on ICP Website (eLearning discount coupon codes, Updated Manuals, Lesson Plans & More!) viewable only to those who are current with registration.
• 40% Discount for Rollerblade Inline Skates for participating countries**
• 20% Discount Code for Sled Dogs Snowskates***
• 20% Discount Code for Inline Warehouse available for all Active Instructors World-Wide***
• Opportunity to be featured as an Internationally Recognized Skate School on ICP Website
• Instructor Referral Service
• Participation in World-Wide Inline Expert Community
*Instructors who do not maintain Annual Registration are not permitted to use the ICP mark (logo) or to advertise themselves as "ICP Certified"
**All North American Instructors can receive discount information on Rollerblade brand skates and accessories from the Skate IA office.
***Discount code and specific information regarding these promotions are available in "Instructor Only" Resources.