Skate Park Instructor Certification


The intention of all SkateIA courses is to support the growth of and access to skating across all disciplines for the future generation both inside and outside of institutions such as schools and skate parks. They are perfect for those that have been teaching independently for years, as well as those that have not yet taught before. While it is not mandatory, we do recommend getting Level 1 Certified first, but you can choose if learning the teaching model and learning how to teach brand new skaters  (Level 1 Certification) will allow you to expand what is possible for your teaching, or not.

There are two actions which will encourage the development of aggressive skating in this direction:

  • Inline and quad skating in skate parks becoming a more legitimate, recognized activity
  • Parents feeling more comfortable and secure in signing their kids up for lessons and camps in skate parks.

SkateIA has certified hundreds of inline, quad and skateboard instructors in the American continent and is now working with discipline specific certifications. By creating an approved standard of teaching in skate parks around the world, backed by an established and successful organisation in this field (SkateIA), parents will feel more confident and trusting in handing over their kids for lessons and camps.

Both our Slalom and our Skate Park Certification require a high level of competency in your skills UPON arriving for your certification. We recommend you review the required skills before registering.

The cost for Skate Park Certification is $350.