Freestyle Slalom Certification

The Freestyle Slalom Certification is offered by Natalie Ujuk from England. She is taking over from Naomi Grigg who created all the materials. It is acknowledged, applauded and supported by Skate IA as a separate program in that is it only currently available through Natalie Ujuk.  This course is offered to anyone who is interested and you do not need to be a Level 1 Certified Instructor to take this course. However, the skills required should be complete UPON your arrival at the Certification.

2015-slalom-graduates-at-skate-kingThe Freestyle Slalom Certification is for those who intend to teach the breadth of Freestyle Slalom and participants should be well versed and talented in slalom skating. This is a very difficult and challenging certification. Once you pass your certification, you will become a full member of Skate Instructors Association and receive: a Skate IA t-shirt; listing on our Instructor Search Engine; pro-deals on skates and gear; eligibility to purchase liability insurance and; all other benefits of Skate IA membership.

Certifications generally run three days: Day One occurs off skates in the evening for 3 hours (approx. 6-9pm). Day Two & Three occur all day 8 to 9 hours each day, generally starting at 9am with a lunch break. You cannot miss any part of the Certification and expect to pass the course.

Contact us for the next scheduled Slalom Certification, or request that we come to your city.   Register here