The Short Version

Level 2 is about learning how to teach more difficult moves, teaching to a wider variety of abilities and teaching students using their learning styles. It is more about teaching individuals than teaching a group.  Register now!


The Longer Version

While Level 1 is a good entré into the world of teaching skating, certification for Level 2 is more challenging.

You will learn:

  • true skating technique concerning issues of balance, edging and rotation.
  • leadership, what it means to be a leader, what it takes and how to improve your leadership skills.
  • how to teach at a higher level: to large groups,  varying skating abilities,  kids, special needs,  non-native English speaking  and a plethora of learning styles.
  • methods to diagnose a wide variety of challenges and return home able to offer solid solutions tailored to your students’ needs.
  • level 2 skating skills.

As in Level 1 there are three exams:  written,  skills,  and teaching. The written exam is a two-page essay and is turned in to your Examiner at arrival time Sunday morning. Topics will be assigned Saturday at the end of the teaching session. Sunday is therefore testing for skills & teaching.

Skills you will need to teach

  • Intermediate Stride (AKA Stride 2)
  • Check Stop (Formerly known as a T-stop)
  • Pivots (Inside edge, heel Pivot)
  • Slalom (two footed ‘ski’ type, forwards, feet parallel)
  • Transitions (Stepping from forwards to backwards and backwards to forwards, both directions)

Skills you will need to demonstrate (you choose only four of the six noted below)

  • Backwards crossovers
  • Spin (two footed)
  • One foot slalom
  • Hockey stop
  • 180 jump (two footed)
  • Forever Crossovers (Forward in a line, outside edges)

Note: the skills are adapted as appropriate for specific disciplines, for example Hockey or Derby. Contact us if you have an concerns.  A video of all the adapted skills is in the works. You will be taught all skills at your certification.

Cost for Level 2 Certification

  • Cost is $275 for current members, $325 for member not in good standing with Skate IA–it pays to be a continuous members.  Seattle Level 2 is the same price $275/$325.
  • Excludes insurance which is sold separately.
  • Excludes location fee. If this is required it will be shared by all the candidates but we rarely pay for a location.
  • Assumes examiner has a couch surfing option (except in Seattle)
  • Minimum of four candidates required although this can vary with location. Create your own cert, or create one with us.
  • We do not have an online certification for this level because it is considered an intensive program.

Candidates need a minimum score of 85% in each category (written, skills & teaching) to pass. All Candidates receive a Level 2 manual and general information upon registration.  Skate IA members are offered the opportunity to purchase annual liability insurance as an individual or as a skate school. Skate IA is exclusive in its’ ability to offer this type of insurance.

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