LEVEL 1 Certification


Online and In-Person Certifications

Skate IA is delighted to announce you may register for both In-Person and Online Certifications now

Why Choose SkateIA? We are the premier Certification organization and the only one offering to Certify you in Inline, Quad and Skateboarding. We offer insurance and a community that supports you and each other and a membership that provides Insurance, Curriculum, ongoing free classes, Covid Resources, Pro Deals with Rollerblade, FR, Seba & K2 and wheels for quads, Triple 8, and Expert Voice (275 company pro deals like Under Armour and Yeti coolers). We offer branding logo products to affirm your professional status. We start to work with you beginning with your registration and continue alongside you through Certification, class creations, and include Business Development materials and zoom courses. We will skate alongside you as you Expand What Is Possible For You and your students On Skates.

In-Person: If you are interested in getting certified, register for our next In-Person Certification without paying and this will let us know you are interested. To choose this option, complete the registration and simply choose PAYMENT BY CHECK (so you will not have to pay). It does not obligate you to attend or pay, until it is scheduled. We will contact you Canadian & USA certifications are open. Keep an eye on our Schedule page for updates. These opening dates are subject to change.

For Certifications listed in our schedule that are CONFIRMED, you may go ahead and register now for either USA or Canada Certifications. See below for correct link. USE In-Person Certifications cost $350 and there are currently no discounts due to only allowing either 6 or 8 at a time. Canadian Certification is $395 Canadian dollar.

Online: Our new Online Certification is now ongoing so you can start anytime. Please register and pay using the ONLINE Link below. Cost for ONLINE certification is $375 and for the fall of 2020 we are offering a discount of $75 (so final price is $300) use $SeptDeal as the promo code for ONLINE certifications.

How the Online Certification works: You may register at any time and get started right away. You will meet with your examiner on zoom and create a schedule of days and times to meet that works with your schedule. At the onset you will be given a password to our course which will be good for about 20 days. . The intention is to meet every 4 to 6 days for Q & A and practice teaching. You will receive our new and updated 32 page Level 1 manual. You will do much of the work online via videos which will teach you how to teach. You will practice teaching online with your Examiner. For your final teaching test you will find and work with 2 students locally and teach the required skills and perform your skills test on video and submit both to the Examiner. The skills are listed on this page and can be found in video format on our page. Some of the moves may be new to you and our Examiners are VERY adept at teaching these skills. You should be proficient in skating to take this course. There are 3 exams, one for skills, one for teaching and written test. Your Examiner is also available for emails & zoom calls throughout the course. You will need to finish the course within the 18 day time period. You will have extra days to complete your skills and teaching video. It is our intention that provided your skills are at a good level and you take this course seriously, and keep in contact with your Examiner, you will be able to pass. But you will need to do the work.
You are required to wear elbow, knee, wrist guards and a helmet AND have a brake or toe stop on your skates for ALL Level 1 Certifications.

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You are required to wear elbow, knee, wrist guards a helmet and a brake or toe stop at ALL Level 1 Certifications (both IN-Person & ONLINE).
You are required to wear wrist, elbow, knee guards and helmets at Skate Park, Certifications. Slalom & Level 2 certifications. require helmet and wrist we encourage you to wear elbow and knee pads!


Level 1 is for inline or roller skaters who are either brand new at teaching, or have been teaching without the the skills to break EVERY move into easy, clear to follow steps: to create an Introduction including safety, credibility and warmth; a Teaching Model that includes proper demonstrations and breaks down each move into 3 steps statically and dynamically, what to look for to provide feedback, drills and proper execution; an end to the lesson that empowers the student to practice more, what to practice and how that moves fit into more complex moves.

You will also be taught modifications to the move so that you can teach to a wider variety of levels in the same class. You will learn how to set your students up for success, who to keep them safe while learning, where to situate yourself in the classroom for maximum learning, how to teach to a variety of learning styles (thinkers vs. doers) and how to use props to increase learning and fun in the classroom. The students are left, at the end of the lesson,  with an understanding of what it takes to do the move, how to do it in a safe manner, what the 3 steps are, how it creates new openings for similar moves and what moves they will learn when they return to your next lesson.


They have explained, in the post certification survey, how they wished they had taken the course sooner and that is was worth their time and money.

  • One Evening session (usually Thursday or Friday night on Zoom) from 6:00pm – 9:00pm
  • Two full days (usually Saturday & Sunday) from 9:00am – 5:00pm

Cost is $350 per person and includes membership in Skate IA for the calendar year.  Contact us for details. ONLINE certification is $375, but use this Promo Code for $75 off the ONLINE: $SeptDeal

  • Excludes individual or skate school insurance which is sold separately at $105/$1050 per year
  • Excludes location fee. If this is required it will be shared by all the candidates but we rarely pay for a location.
  • Assumes examiner has a couch surfing option
  • Minimum of four candidates required but based on location, this can be adjusted
  • We do not have an online certification for Level 2 because it is considered an intensive program.


The evening session is zoom session off-skates and includes a PowerPoint on Skate IA history, reviews important aspects of the 32 page Level 1 Manual and you begin teaching by learning how to create Lesson Plans.

The first full day is on skates and includes learning/reviewing the 8 moves taught during the weekend, and learning how to demonstrate and fully teach five of the moves. Three moves are for you to demonstrate your proficiency and five of the moves will be broken down into the 3+3 system within the Skate IA Teaching Model. All 8 moves will be taught so that you can perform and demonstrate them for any audience. 9am to 5pm is the typical time.

The second full day includes completing the Teaching Model for the final move, and testing on the 8 skills. While there are five moves you learn to teach and three moves you only demonstrate, you are given options, as listed below, because we know many of our candidates are teaching to specific audiences (hockey, derby etc). After the skills test, you will take a written exam based on the Skate IA Level 1 manual and finally you will tested on your teaching: the Examiner will select a move and you will teach the introduction, and a full class on teaching the selected move. 9am to 5pm is the typicial time.

The second full day ends with a graduation, which includes a T-shirt, a Certificate of Completion, Swag from our sponsors, your Skate IA Patch, Luggage Tag/Membership Card/Stickers and information on how to obtain your Skate IA instructor pro-deals from our sponsors and information on how to apply for your insurance.

Candidates need a minimum score of 85% in EACH category (written, skills & teaching) to pass. Upon full registration payment, all Candidates will receive an electronic version of the Level 1 manual and an agenda.

This is the foundation for all disciplines. From Hockey to Derby, from Slalom to Race, all those who completed the Level 1 Certifications stated that it increased their ability to create a larger stream of students into their programs because they could start with beginners to skating and set them up with the fundamentals for success in their intended skating programs.

Level 1 is the fundamental course for teaching. While anyone can teach a natural skater to teach, this program gives you the tools to teach everyone from brand new skaters to cautious skaters.

It is strongly recommended that if you are take the Freestyle Slalom or Skate Park courses, that you also consider taking the Level 1 Certification.

Minimum Requirements

Candidates should attend with a proficiency in skating. While you will learn the moves, edging and form, you should be considered at least an intermediate skater.


  1. V-Walk to Basic Stride
  2. Heel Stop (inlines) or Toe Stop (roller skates)
  3. Pivot
  4. Backwards Skating (Backward Swizzles or Backwards Stroking)
  5. Parallel Turns


  1. Hockey Stop, Spin  Stop or Powerslide (you choose based on your skating discipline, but all will taught to advance your skills)
  2. Crossovers in a circle (one direction)
  3. Transitions (moving from forward to backwards and backwards to forwards by stepping)

Our schedule for certifications in North & South America are updated regularly. We can come your way, or you can find a Certification to attend locally or through travel. We can help with finding couch surfing options for our traveling candidates.
Consider hosting a certification in your city and create an opportunity for a discount based on the certification.

Once Certified, new Skate IA members are offered the opportunity to purchase annual liability insurance as an individual or as a skate school. Skate IA is exclusive in its’ ability to offer this type of insurance. The insurance is sold for the calendar year and may be purchased anytime during the year.

Get certified, teach with the knowledge necessary to create new skaters and develop long time skaters. Build your community through teaching and sharing your talent for skating.  Register here!