Grading your skills

Grading of your skating skills is now possible. Skate IA (and for Slalom, USA Roller Sports) is now offering an opportunity for skaters everywhere to test themselves against the list of skills in each Grade. You must begin by testing at the lowest level, but there are discounts for grouping your testing. Testing is currently available at Certifications and special skate events, and will be available online by the fall of 2017. When a candidate completes a Grade successfully, they will receive a patch and a certificate indicating which Grade they completed. Each Patch designates a different level Grade I, Grade II, etc).  Below is the information for Slalom Grading:

SLALOM: This 8 level slalom testing program is officially sanctioned and run on behalf of USA Roller Sports slalom division (USARS Slalom) & Skate IA. It enables skaters to track their progress in developing their slalom skills as they climb the ladder of grades.
There are two parts to a grading session, and you’ll proceed to part 2 if pass part 1. Part 1: You’ll show that you can do each of the tricks that are required for your grade.
Part 2: You’ll slalom for approximately 105-120 seconds while including at least 6 of the tricks from the grade being tested. You can bring your own music. This second part tests your ability to switch between tricks with a level of continuity and speed that matches the grade that you’re testing for. Ie, for grade I the criteria are very forgiving, and for grade V you’d need to show a fairly high level of continuity and speed when switching from trick to trick.
COST: The grades cost $30, with discounts when doing more than one at a grading session.
IF YOU FAIL: Often people doing gradings in sports, skills and music etc may not pass first time.  If that happens, you can re-test on another occasion for a nominal fee of $5 and you’ll only need to re-test the parts which you didn’t pass the first time so a finished grade can be something that you work towards over time.
UPCOMING GRADINGS: These are the currently scheduled gradings, and further gradings will be announced as they’re arranged:
–       April 9th Oaks Park, Portland at the slalom competition event
–       Mid-July in Lincoln, NE at the US Slalom Nationals
–       18/19 or 20th August in LA at Camp Skate IA


Grade I Grade II
Backward Snake
Backward Crisscross
Basket weave
Back Nelson
Stroll (‘Double Crazy’)
Back Stroll (‘Back Double Crazy’)
1 Foot
Crazy Sun


Grade III Grade IV

Back 8
Jumping X
1 Foot Backward
Toe Toe Snake
Grande Volte
Eagle OR Eagle Cross
Small Car (‘The Midget’)



Reverse J-Turn
Backward Brush
Heel Toe Back Snake
1 Cone Crazy
1 Cone Double Crazy
1 Cone Back Double Crazy



Grade V Grade VI

Fan Volte OR Total Cross
Swan OR Screw
Toe Wheeling (4 cones)
Heel Wheeling (4 cones)
Crazy Legs
1 of: Rekil / Reverse Rekil / Total Foot / Foot Shift
Footgun OR Touch Down



Other of: Swan OR Screw
2 more of: Rekil / Reverse Rekil / Total Foot
Foot Shift
1 of: Wheeling Eagle / Inverted Side Surf
Jumping Special
1 of: Back Footgun / Bw Touchdown / Kasakchok / Christie / Deck Chair
Back Heel wheeling OR Back Toe Wheeling (4 cones)



Grade VII Grade VIII

Other of: Back Heel wheeling OR Back Toe Wheeling
Sewing Machine (2 cones)
Seven (2 cones)
Wheeling Fw-Bw (4 fw – 4 bw)
Chicken Leg (2 rotations)
1 other: Back Footgun / Bw Touchdown / Kasakchok / Christie / Deck Chair



Seven (4 cones)
Wheeling Shift (4 cones)
Wheeling Rekil
Chicken Toe (2 rotations)
Backward Cobra
Toe Inverted Eagle OR Butterfly
1 of: Bw Deckchair / Toe Christie / Bw Christie / Back Kazakchok / Footgun Foot Spin