Frequently Asked Questions

You can already skate so why not learn how to teach?

Join us for a certification and you will learn:

  1. How to break down basic and some intermediate skills in order to teach people how to skate
  2. The Teaching Model, which is the list of steps you will follow to create a complete lesson from Hello to Goodbye
  3. How to improve your own skating by learning and understanding the technique behind the skill
  4. How to demonstrate skating and speak in front of others with confidence
  5. How to market yourself to earn additional income

Tools you will receive:

  • 32 page Manual breaking down all the skills
  • Lesson Plan template and how to create them
  • Cheat Sheet to use at Certification with all the key steps and the Teaching Model
  • How to teach indoors, outdoors, small groups, large groups
  • Additional information on skill progressions
  • Diagnostic tools for the easy and difficult challenges in skating
  • Additional instruction on your own skills whether you are an intermediate skater or advanced you will get the chance to learn new moves and skills
  • Incredible support from your Certified Examiner to insure you understand what you need to teach, why you need to teach each step and how to teach well.