Week 1: 5 Steps to Flawless Straightaways
We will break down classic technique into its component parts, practice the pieces, and then reassemble the whole. This is the tried and true method of getting faster and more efficient, otherwise small problems will just keep getting magnified when we pump up the volume.

Week 2: Stopping 101: Fix Those Braking Bad Habits
The inability to stop on a dime is the single greatest impediment to turning the whole paved world into your playground. Whether you use a heel brake or your wheels to create friction to bleed speed, maintaining your center of balance (and keeping your cool) while braking is critical so you don’t wobble or spin out of control, especially at higher speeds. Eddy will propose a number of exercises to keep you in alignment and then challenge you with more braking specific drills to raise your confidence and dial-in your brake-abilities!

Week 3: Fantastic Finishes: Hawking the Line
Our over-riding skate philosophy should be that it’s not about winning or losing, it’s about looking good while winning or losing, and getting a good photo over the finish! Hawking the line is not only a graceful and useful way to break the tape, it’s also a sure way to save yourself from falling if you trip or hit a rough patch. In this module we will work on leaping and lunging and rolling while extending our skate at the exact moment we cross the line.

Week 4: Back It Up: Save a Crash by Skating Backwards
One of the most overlooked essential skills in skating is not only the ability to skate backwards, but also executing a successful transition from forward to backward skating. If you’ve ever kicked a car tire by accident, or kicked another skater’s skate, you know how it flips you around, oftentimes with dire consequences. First we’ll learn how to propel ourselves in reverse, then we’ll learn how to pivot seamlessly between forward and backward skating while keeping our eyes on the prize!

Week 5: Weaponize Your Crossovers
Crossing over and speeding up while counteracting centrifugal force is one of the lost arts of skating that can open up whole new worlds of speed and confidence. Rather than just stepping over or surviving a corner without getting pulled out, we will learn to work the turns and accelerate out of corners like a race car driver. There are a dizzying array of drills and skills to digest and execute, but take heart, a crossover well done has only four parts: two pushes and two glides.

Week 6: Stopping 201: Bleed Speed Not Blood With Slalom Turns
Slaloming is the best and least stressful (on our bodies and wheels) way to control speed. We all have a strong side and a weak side when it comes to breaking, but effective slalom turning requires total ambidexterity and finesse. We’ll work on getting our turns symmetrical first, and then figure out how to connect them without letting gravity make us roll out of control. Mastering the art of slaloming is a total confidence booster; not only will it make us look good and feel good, but it will turn us all into the Kings and Queens of the Hill!

Week 7: Double Push For Dummies
Rollerskaters call it “Jammin’,” the Dutch call those who excel at this technique “Regenspecialisten,” (Rain Specialists),  Chad Hedrick popularized it as the “Double Push,” Eddy Matzger coined the term Quadruple Push, and currently Joey Mantia refers to its defining feature as a compression. We will explore the nomenclature for each sect of double pushers and de-mystify this technique in simple terms, proposing an age-old set of drills, and allow each skater to decide for themselves what works for them and makes the most sense. 

Week 8: Stopping 402: The Ultimate Emergency Brake: The Front T-Stop
The front powerslide is the ultimate antidote to freaking out at high speeds thinking you’re about to meet your maker. Executed from a stable position with a low center of gravity, this graduate-level braking maneuver is both foolproof and failsafe when you figure it out.  Just because something is difficult doesn’t mean we shouldn’t start working on it. If we keep at it until we get it we’ll acquire enough confidence to last a lifetime!

  1. Each week the course will be on zoom and recorded, so even if you cannot attend, you can watch the video. You can pre-submit video for his feedback during the session.
  2. If the course does not sell out, we will offer it starting July 20th at single purchase prices. Eddy will receive all profits on this course.
  3. The Full series gets you access to the Facebook group where you can submit videos and Eddy will be monitoring and adding ADDITIONAL FEEDBACK
  4. Price is $300 for all 8 classes. That is $37.50 per class. There are no refunds.
  5. If we offer single sessions they will be $47.50 per class. You will not have access to the Facebook group.
  6. Classes are Saturdays at 3pm PST (west coast) 5pm CT, 4pm MT & 6pm EST. Each class is about 2 hours, but sometimes Eddy gets going, so we’ll say a minimum of 2 hours. ON ZOOM.
  7. You can submit your videos on the Facebook Group we are creating (a private group) before the class and Eddy will review during the week. He will pull them up during the zoom and you will get a chance to get live feedback from him, ask questions as well as learn from other skaters. We did this at Virtual CAMP skateIA and it was very successful.
  8. While Eddy has a curriculum, and he will send out the initial training video with tips and tricks, you may also submit a video not on topic. He’ll start with topical videos then move to other topics. Each person who joins the whole program will get a review of their weekly video each week. (And if you cannot attend, submit a video for feedback!