Certification Schedule 2022

Register now! Skate IA has begun to offer certifications in select cities (local to an examiner) Check below for dates and location.
Our ONLINE Certification is now live. You may register at any time and start right away. No waiting to fit into a group – Click on our ONLINE link. See our PROGRAMS page.

Skaters who become certified are eligible for the following benefits: 

  • Membership for the calendar year ($100 value) + discounts to camp and classes & free Instructor Day at CAMP
  • Insurance ($130 additional)
  • Free Listing on Search Engine already built so students can find you immediately
  • T-shirt & logo stickers for branding
  • Business Development Manual
  • Curriculum for your classes
  • Waivers for Liability and Covid-19 
  • Pro Deals & Discounts  with Rollerblade, SEBA, Triple 8, Hyper (and quad wheels) and at skate shops, 275 manufacturer company discounts through Expert Voice (from travel to pets, clothing to canteens, this is a huge benefit) We just received SEBA/FR pro deal for Europe!
  • 1:1 sessions with staff & Examiners as you build your business. SkateIA is here to assist you all along the way–your Certification is just the first stop in assisting you at succeeding at building a skate business.

We are a Community first, membership second and a Certification Organization designed to work alongside you as you, and we, Expand What Is Possible On Skates.

If you are interested in taking a Certification Program and don’t find your city/state included on the list, email us.  We can set one up in your city.  Our manual has just been translated into Spanish.  


Upcoming Certification Opportunities - 2022 Choose USA or Canadian registration links


If you are interested in the ONLINE program, register now and start right away! 

For Canadian Registrations please click here


**Only purchase registrations for certifications with confirmed dates and locations**

Skate Park


Hours of In Person Certifications: Each Certification is three days. Day 1: A zoom session usually 6pm to 9pm, off skates. Day 2: 9am to 5pm on skates. Day 3: 9am to 5pm on skates.  Sample: Wednesday night 6pm – 9pm; Saturday 9am to 5pm; Sunday 9am to 5pm. Day 1, on zoom is usually held 2 days prior. In the case of travel by the Examiners to the location, like CAMPskateIA, it is held 7 days prior. You must attend all hours of the certification. No exceptions.

Where? 2022 certifications are generally held outdoors and all attendees are encouraged to wear masks as needed. Indoor locations will require proof of vaccinations. Outdoor locations will not require vaccinations.

Covid: We follow all city/state/province/fed guidelines. 


You may register at any time and you will be given the login information to start usually within 24 hours of registering. You can then self start. Our certifications are one-to-one in most cases (so private classes) and this allows you to complete your certification quickly. Self study is 3-5 hours then 3 sessions of teaching practice with your Examiner (60-90 minutes each). After learning to teach 6 skills you are ready for testing: you will film your skills and teaching test and send it to your examiner. The written test is offered online. Our ONLINE platform offers you fully filmed videos of each teaching skill taught to both an inline and a quad skater. There is a written test completed online. Most candidates are enjoying 1 to 1 learning with the Examiner and it is therefore well tailored to YOUR needs. It takes between 2 to 4 weeks depending on your schedule–you set the pace.  Register here for the ONLINE Certification. 

COMING in 2022-23


  • Paying by check
    The online registration form for certification via check includes the information for the address of where to send a check. Please make a note of it when that option appears on the actual registration form, or contact Skate IA directly.  You must register on line and indicate “pay by check” and the check must be received to complete your Certification Registration.
  • Paying by PayPal  You may pay for any of our services using your PayPal account: 
  • Paying by Credit Card  You can pay via debit and credit cards through Stripe which is the option given on Webscorer.
  • paying by Venmo  You can pay via Venmo: @SkateIA
  • No refunds. We do not offer refunds, but may be used within two years.
  • Canadian Certs are run through a separate registration and run by our Canadian Examiner