Camp Skate IA

CAMP Skate IA 2018 is for everyone! It is not just for instructors or just to get certified. 

Camp Skate IA (the three day event) is an annual camp offered to skaters at all levels (except brand new beginners.) You don't have to be an instructor, or want to be an instructor to attend this camp. It is designed for skaters who want to expand what is possible for themselves, or to simple see what they can do, on skates. It is designed for the skater who is looking to improve certain skills and is interested in trying out a variety of additional types of skating: from basic to advanced moves and discipline specific such as hockey, artistic, slalom, trail, race, derby, skate park, skate-to-ski, tricks, games and more. The schedule will take shape in July and be updated as traveling instructors confirm their schedules. It is subject to change.  We offer the camp on the east and west coasts, alternating each year--this year is is on the east coast. The Host Hotel is Camp Winadu, so it's bunk beds and cafeteria style food, but it's inexpensive, not-so-rustic, on a campus that offers us a pool, campfires and our own hockey rink.

CAMP SkateIA includes 18 hours of classes, an couple of evening skates under the stars, and a campfire. We have our own hockey rink, and sounds system so bring your music to plug in.  We will be double and triple tracking classes offering about 25 classes in total. A few classes will be offered off skates, and we are adding Skate-To-Ski classes again.

Become an instructor: While CAMP is not designed for those who want to become instructors, there is an opportunity starting Sunday night for those wishing to get certified, to take a certification. We are offering one certification: Level 1 at this camp. See the schedule below for dates and times. (Slalom certification is offered in Seattle the week following with Natalie Utej.)

Instructor Only Day! We have created a day just for all Certified Skate IA Instructors to learn, create, expand and enjoy a day of elevating your teaching. Thursday, August 16th, 10am to 4pm. Free to all Certified Skate IA Members.

Sponsors: Our first sponsor is Thuro Shop and we couldn't be more thrilled. They will be at camp, with skates and parts to assist you in skating your best!