Camp Skate IA

Updated 8/6/2020 -  CONNECT-CAMP Skate IA 2020 offers virtual classes, rotating activities and training sessions & replaces our 2020 in-person camp. Friday/Saturday/Sunday August 14/15/16

Keynote Speakers:
Joey Mantia 2 time Olympic Long Track Speedskater & 28 Time Inline World Champion. Review his double push video here.
Eddy Matzger World class athlete and international coaching sensation Eddy Matzger (More than 100 race wins-8 time winner Athens to Atlanta -87 miles)
Stephen Charrier (Keynote for Instructor Day) Vice President Rollerblade- Director Global Sales and Marketing
Sebastien Laffargue co-owner of FR & SEBA skates
Jacques Thibault 2 time Olympic Long Track Speedskater, Own the Podium co-founder & Special Olympics Canada trainer for coaches and athletes

Dates & times: The Full CAMP starts Saturday, Instructors start on Friday

Saturday, August 15: Day 1 of CONNECT-CAMPskateIA 8:30am to 8pmpm PDT & noon to 5pm EDT (there are various long and short breaks on Saturday to accommodate Eddy Matzger's live sessions from Thailand
Saturday, August 15th, evening: Zoom Disco with professional live DJ Mike, including lights and dancers
Sunday, August 16th: Day 2 of CONNECT-CAMPskateIA PDT & noon to 5pm EDT
Friday, August 14th: Instructor Day - 9am to 2pm PDT & for EDT Noon to 5pm

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There are 32 classes currently scheduled which means it's about $1.71 per class
Cost: General Public = $55;  Current SkateIA members = $40

While CAMPskateIA will not happen IN-PERSON the summer of 2020 due to Covid (and mostly because instructors who would teach cannot travel internationally and nationally) we are going to have camp in a new and exciting way. Many portions of the camp will be recorded.

How it will work:
1.  CAMP will occur over three days with a variety of sessions.
2.  CAMP on Fri/Sat/Sun will occur on Zoom
3.  Pre-recorded videos for about 80% of the classes will be released on August 10th via a private Facebook Group.
You will be given a link to watch all videos in your UNIT. We've divided the Facebook Group into Skate Disciplines (UNITS) so you can easily and quickly find videos. Videos will be submitted by many of the instructors including Eddy Matzger, Sonic, Trish, Neli, Roller Skate Victoria (Andrea Boyes, Martin Newman & Mat Mortenson). You can review the videos during the week and practice, and/or film yourself. Show up to class to a discussion by your instructor on both the instructor and attendee-submitted videos. With few exceptions these videos were created for this CAMP.
4.  We will record many of the zoom sessions so you can attend any sessions you missed… and the learning can continue. Those videos will be available post camp for about 3 weeks.

Further Details  Classes will run 50 minutes.
-There is a 10 minute break between classes, just like at our in-person camp
-A keynote industry speaker (or two) will occur each day of camp, see above for the exciting details
-We will offer Connect-CAMP 40 minute lunches. We had so many classes that those lunches now have a speaker or discussion, such as Caleb Smith talking about his near 400 mile endurance skate from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

The schedule is noted below and is full! Chock Full. 32 classes offered.

  • Speed classes for trails and marathons.  Joey Mantia, Eddy Matzger, Jacques Thibault & Mark Greenwald will offer sessions
  • Sylvia Ryan is offering a class on building a slide board for $20 and how to use it for effective training
  • Dance classes with Roller Skate Victoria, including Martin Newham and Andrea Boyes and Mat Mortenson.
  • We are also delighted to have Erika Cordeiro from Brazil at CAMP. She is a delight and brings a terrific energy to her dance classes. She has taught at 5 camps and every year participants ask, is she coming? And we get to say YES this year. Her classes will be LIVE only, from Rio!
  • Disco party on Saturday night with DJ MIKER on Saturday night with lights and it’s ALL VINYL!
  • Lena Vi has a new slalom combo. Sonic will get you all going with basic and intermediate slalom classes.
  • Basic, Intermediate and advanced skills with our Examiners. They will each teach up to 3 moves, how to do, clean up errors and help you get to SMOOTH! Video yourself for feedback from your Examiner!
  • Artistic Classes with a variety of Instructors.

Instructor Day is on Friday and is designed to assist instructors in their ability to offer more classes, expand what they are offering and to adapt to Covid. Also included is an amazing class with Jacques Thibault on how he is training all Special Olympians across Canada.

We are delighted and excited to have Stephen Charrier Rollerblade's Vice President Director Global Sales and Marketing for the Instructor Day Keynote Speaker. His talk will be on, "the Rollerblade skate market yesterday, today and tomorrow."  This is a terrific chance for us to spend time with an industry leader.  Also, we intend that Instructors leave camp with a chance to learn new skills to teach their students.

Additional details:
1. CAMP Cost:  $55 for the General Public (with 32 classes currently scheduled, that is $1.71 per class!)
2. CAMP Cost is $40 for SkateIA current members. (Part of the benefit of being a current member)
3. You will get a T-shirt for CONNECT-CAMPskateIA but it will be sent after camp. That way we can order it based on the number who attend or purchase camp and keep our price low.
3. You can purchase the camp and know that many of the classes will be recorded for viewing later if you cannot commit to the time frame. The video will be available for up to 3 weeks and we'll get it up within a week of the camp. We are not responsible for technical difficulties.
4. 9am -2pm Pacific Daylight Time & Noon to 5pm Eastern Daylight Time - except Saturday which starts at 8:30am with Eddy Matzger and ends at 8pm PDT, with a disco.

Keep an eye here for updates. Register here