Camp Skate IA

CAMP Skate IA 2020 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is for all adults! New Dates: July 11/12th with Instructor Day on Friday, July 10th


Camp Skate IA 2020 is a two day event and is an annual camp offered to skaters at all levels (except brand new beginners.) You don't have to be an instructor, or want to be an instructor to attend this camp. It is designed for skaters who want to expand what is possible on skates. It is designed for the skater who is looking to improve certain skills and is interested in trying out a variety of additional types of skating: from basic to advanced moves and discipline specific such as hockey, artistic, slalom, trail, race, derby, skate park, skate-to-ski, tricks, games and more. The schedule will take shape in July and be updated as traveling instructors confirm their schedules. It is subject to change.  Host Hotel info will be available soon. About Kids. The only kids allowed at this camp are those who are accompanied by their parents and at least one parent is in attendance all day. We cannot be responsible for those under 18 years of age.

CAMP SkateIA includes 12-14 hours of classes.  The class schedule will be set up soon, but assume 12-14 hours of classes, a group skate. We will be double and triple tracking classes offering about 20+ classes in total

Location: We will be at the National Pettit Ice Center and we will be using this Olympic Training Facility and their 400 meter track.

Classes: We will offer classes in dance, basics, intermediates and advanced skills, slalom, skate park, race, trail, artistic and SO much more.

The SkateIA Challenge: We will also be offering the SkateIA Challenge for both learning and testing. The Challenge is a list of skills that you can learn and test on and see your skills expand. There is a full list of videos for each move on our YouTube/SkateIA Challenge Page

Who: This CAMP is for all adults, kids may come if their parent will be there all day. We are not responsible for anyone under 18. It is for ALL skaters, and includes inline and quad skaters! Participants are usually 40% instructors and 60% non-instructors. Only SkateIA Certified Instructors (or comparable) will be teaching. Participants are those who want to investigate new ways to skate, learn new ways to do moves, and are interested in being with other like minded skaters. It's all about the community and when you show up, you get to contribute.

Dates & times:
Tuesday, July 7th 9am to 6pm: Day 1 of Certifications (Level 1, 2, Skate Park and possibly Slalom)
Wednesday, July 8th 9am to to 6pm Day 2 of Certification
Thursday, July 9th (off skates) Industry Day by invitation
Friday, July 10th: Instructors Only day (special meetings to prepare for teaching camp as well as providing new information for instructors
Friday, July 10th:  Evening Group skate
Saturday, July 11th: Day 1 of CAMPskateIA 9am to 6pm
Saturday, July 11th: Dance
Sunday, July 12th: Day 2 of CAMPskateIA 10am to 6pm

Become an instructor: While CAMP is not designed for those who want to become instructors, there is an opportunity starting Sunday night for those wishing to get certified, to take a certification. We are offering 3 certifications: Level 1 and Level 2 & Skate Park and possibly Slalom.

Instructor Day is Friday, July 10th! We have created a day for all Certified Skate IA Instructors to learn, create, expand and enjoy a day of elevating your teaching. 9am to 5pm. Free to all Certified Skate IA Members and those who are registered for Certifications before CAMP.

Sponsors: To be determined.