History & Why

The IISA – ICP (International Inline Skating Association – Instructor Certification Program) created the original certification program for inline skaters in North America in early 1990’s but ceased supporting the ICP programs in North & South America in 2004. United Skate Schools Group (USSG) started by Janet Miller created a new organization, adding quad/roller skating, to the initially inline-only program.  Janet continued to build USSG and in 2009 transferred ownership to Trish Alexander, who later changed the name to Skate Instructors Association, also known as Skate IA. Trish has continued to expand Skate IA, including adding Skateboard and Slalom Certifications to the list of programs offered as well as the very popular CAMP Skate IA, a 16 hour-three-day workshop for members and non-members to learn a variety of skating skills and disciplines from top instructors.

The ICP continues to thrive in the rest of the world and the certifications, while different, are very complimentary. If you are located outside of North or South America please contact Inline Certification Program.

August, 2018 UPDATE: Skate IA and ICP are delighted to have forged a partnership that offers both organizations and chance to work together. We now both offer reciprocal memberships and we are forging projects and products together that will create a seamless opportunity for current and future certified skate instructors to share resources and opportunities.

As an industry, we are indebted to the previous organizations RISA, IISA, & ICP and individuals, those movers and shakers, who have shaped skating. We need new skaters to contribute, care and continue to build our community.  Are you ready to join us?