Skate Instructors Association is both a Certifying and a Membership organization for inline and quad skaters in North and South America

Skate IA Mission

To teach talented inline and quad skaters how to teach, and to certify those skaters who fully meet the requirements of our Certification Program, to be Instructors. To support the membership with the tools they need to build skating in their community both locally and globally.

Skate IA is dedicated to providing instructors with the resources they need to continue to grow, learn and expand their own programs — including liability insurance, marketing assistance, networking and continuing education. Skate Instructors Association also constantly and consistently advertises and markets on behalf of the members including promoting lessons by our talented instructors through our Instructor Search Engine on this site and through the learning website http://youonskates.com.

Skate Instructors Association is determined to be a major player in expanding these sports through marketing events, manufacturer relationships, supporting new aspects of skating and increasing the number of certified instructors.