Skate Instructors Association is an organization that serves both skaters and skate instructors. While we started out as an instructor organization, we are clear that we have something to offer everyone who straps on wheeled skates. See what we are up to:

Skaters: For all roller and inline skaters we offer several programs designed to educate skaters on how to find out what is possible for themselves and to expand their skating. 1.) We offer CAMPskateIA  each summer with 2-3 dozen classes.
2.) We offer The Challenge which is a list of skills,  in the order in which you should learn them–the skills can then build on each other. We have a YouTube – SkateIA page which has all the videos for each skill. The Challenge is offered in Basic, Intermediate & Artistic skills, as well as Slalom and Tricks. We have more disciplines coming soon. You can test for each level with one of our Instructors and you can find them on the Search page.
3.) An Instructor search engine to assist you in finding just the right Certified Instructor near you. We make it easy with their picture and a list of their skills, you can easily find one. Instructors: For all Roller, Inline and Skateboarders (see, we offer various certifications so that you can obtain insurance and pro deals for your classes and programs.
1.) Certifications: Level 1, 2, Skate Park and Slalom Certifications with 30-42 page manuals.
2.) CAMPskateIA Instructor Only Day is dedicated to you to UP your teaching, EXPAND the courses you can teach, INSPIRE your students and CREATE new possibilities for your skate communities
3.) Liability Insurance for individuals and skate schools. We also have insurance for one time projects and events. 1 Million occurrence/3 million aggregate, abuse 100k.
4.) Pro Deals from Rollerblade, SEBA, Triple 8, Hyper Wheels and 300 additional companies through Expert Voice. Also, discounts at Shop-Task, Thuro and Inline Warehouse.
5.) Curriculum, cheat sheets and lesson plans in The Challenge & at the Certification. We created The Challenge so that our Instructors would have a curriculum for teaching classes with accompanying videos. The manual also has breakdowns of a dozen moves. Includes games to play and ways to have class be fun!
6.) Logo items so you can personalize your Instructor status: Tshirts, stickers, luggage tags and more. Skate IA Mission
Skaters: To teach and to expand what is possible on skates. We intend to assist skaters in expanding their communities and providing them with the tools they need for that purpose. It may include marketing support, bringing events to that area, assisting them in finding instructors, supporting them at events, committing to getting The Challenge into their programs and certifying an instructor to assist with structure and expansion.
Instructors: To teach skaters how to teach.  To teach talented inline and quad skaters how to teach, and to certify those skaters who fully meet the requirements of our Certification Program, to be Instructors. To support the membership with the tools they need to build skating in their community both locally and globally.

Skate IA is dedicated to providing skaters with the resources they need to continue to grow, learn and expand their own programs — including liability insurance, marketing assistance, networking and continuing education. Skate Instructors Association also constantly and consistently advertises and markets on behalf of the skaters including promoting lessons by our talented instructors through our Instructor Search Engine and by creating The Challenge and accompanying videos and documents.

Skate Instructors Association is determined to be a major player in expanding these sports through marketing events, manufacturer relationships, supporting new aspects of skating and increasing the number of certified instructors.