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Spiewak, Carolyn


Carolyn Spiewak began coaching Learn to Speed Skate in the fall of 2011. Since then, she has earned her certifications as a US Speedskating Level 2 Coach, Skate IA Level 1, and Learn to Skate USA Instructor. Carolyn loves to teach speed skating technique and enjoys creating drill progressions and games that help new skaters learn the fundamentals. She also enjoys applying transferable exercises from different skating disciplines, like ice hockey and inline. As a side gig for eight years, she used to referee ice hockey for players at the developmental level.  One of her career highlights was attending the 2019 USARs Spring Track Clinic in Colorado Springs, CO in order to better understand the differences and similarities between ice speed skating and inline. She loves road skating outdoors when the weather gets warmer, but most of all she values training together with others.


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