Schwartz, Susan

Company: SkateOwl / Roller Derby Smart / Skate the Track



Note -->>  In 2021, I’ll be relocating to WA state (where I finally get to meet Trish!) << --

A Level I certified Inline instructor and Roller Derby skill coach, my focus is teaching proper & safe technique - especially for speed skaters who want to be faster and stronger and skate longer…efficiently.  I’m a technique fanatic and am watching your entire body get into the groove.I’ve been skating since the 60s so rinks and streets in Miami were my thing…Currently I generally teach privately unless training large groups of Roller Derby skaters. In Germany I teach only on volunteer basis and it can be on inlines or quads.

I love skating nights and slalom/freestyle and enjoy a bit of distance for fitness. Meanwhile, if in the Stuttgart (it’s hilly!) area, please write me to get together.

Regarding the absurd number of broken ankles today in Flat Track Roller Derby, I’ve extensively researched /studied the cause and offer my Skater-Skill class to help groom skaters into being 100% conditioned and safe for Derby.  I feel,  my theories in training are the right way to teach skaters HOW to SKATE - "Because if you cannot skate, you cannot play Roller Derby"   Susan (AKA: Coach Bettina)



Picture Gallery

  • Windy City Rollers: 1st League I Trained 2004
  • Ready to Race:  Libertyville, 2003
  • W/Matadora #777 – Germany 2011

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