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Nasution, Royke


I have been skating since I was a kid, start with Quadskating in 1987, Ice Skating in high school (1992-1995) only on the weekend, and Skateboarding in 1996 to 1997. Since 2018 until now I play Inline Skating and start become an Inline Skate Instructor in November 2019 until now.

Personal Data

Instagram Account Primary IG Account   Coaching IG Account 

YouTube Channel RollingYogi 

WhatsApp / Telegram : +628981318589

Educational Background

Economic Bachelor Degree - Majoring Accounting.

Working Summary

I had teaching the kids at Perguruan Cikini school in Jakarta start November 2019 and stop in March 2020 due to the pandemic. Then join with @crossrollerclub in Jakarta as an Inline Skate Instructor since August 2020 till May 5th, 2021, for Group and Private Class. My responsibilities: Handling for trial session for those who wants to join the class, Coaching the kids to skate with proper technique for basic level, Helping and giving the knowledge, including: theory, technically, mentally and practically to skate without fearness and having fun with it, Supervising the kids for safety purpose during the class, Monitoring the skill progress of the class member.

After finished the Scholarship program that held by Skate Instructors Association for ONLINE Level 1 on May 13th, 2021, I started open the class both private or group, for kids and adults. 

Non Organization Experience

In September 2019, as a member and initiated the group for all inline skate communities that spread out in areas of Jakarta, Depok, Bekasi, Tangerang. What I did and still continue till now is to spread and make people know about inline skate and the activity of the group. So, if they are interested with inline skate, they start to ask then come and join the group. The name of the group is #reborolling, the hashtag is to refer our activities on Instagram. I always try to share and teach to all new member of the group how to inline skating, safe and properly, based on the knowledge that I know and learned before. From how to stand, to slide, to stop, to turn, to jump, fakie, 180, 360, new tricks and then rolling together on the city street.

I also love doing the skating trip and visiting to the basecamps of inline skate community, to get to know each other between the skaters, sharing the technique, try the new spots, play and rolling together. 

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