Malik Lloyd


Born in Washington, DC. Malik began skating at the wonderful age of 8 in a pair of rollerblades 5 sizes too big. As a kid he would be found skating the sidewalks and playgrounds of the uptown neighborhoods, climbing things and racing with the other children. Even through his teens he still couldn’t escape interesting situations involving his skates, from grabbing onto cars to getting pulled over for skating on the highway.

In 2009, he ran into Nathaniel Mills, an Olympic speed skater in D.C. running DC-ICE. Also known as Inner City Excellence, the nonprofit runs a  camp every summer teaching both inline and ice skating.

After spending some time volunteering, Malik accepted an opportunity to teach inline skating after school. This began a now 8 year journey of working with DC-ICE to provide year round programs after school, Saturday mornings, and camps during the spring, summer, and winter.

Recently Malik has been up to somethings. Outside of driving for uber, playing video games, and getting his life together , Malik can be found launching a new project called Team Skate Ninja.

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