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Malik Lloyd


Malik Lloyd is an inline skating instructor and consultant from Washington, DC. With years of experience in multiple fields such as IT services, retail management, sales, fundraising, childcare, program development, photography, graphic design, and project management - Malik has built a wildly fulfilling lifestyle that detours from the traditional pathways and ideas of success. Coming from a family of multi-talented professionals and business owners, Malik comes from a strong foundation of customer service, attention to detail, and multi-industry best practices that are reflected in the work he does for his students and clients alike.

Currently, Malik focuses on his work as a skating instructor through Inline Skate Ninja, an inline and roller skating school he established in 2017. After working as an instructor and program developer for DC Inner City Excellence from 2009 to 2018, Malik started ISN to focus on top-quality skate instruction for those looking to improve their skills and ability at all levels. In the Spring of 2019, he completed his apprenticeship to become a skate instructor examiner with Skate Instructors Association in order to further grow the inline skating community and industry at a deeply meaningful and influential level. Outside of his work as a skating instructor, Malik spends his time as a private consultant for teachers and creative professionals - providing project management, IT, and clerical services.

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