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Shauna Aileen Gustuson

Company: Doomsday Skate


Also known by skaters name 'DottieMae Doomsday' - Dottie can take you from feeling uncomfortable and stiff to free flowing and confident on all 8. Specializing in confidence building for the beginner to intermediate skater with an emphasis on safety and proper technique. My goal is to give the skater the building blocks needed to advance to other levels on their own. Doomsday Skate offers customized private or group lessons in: basic-intermediate Sk8 Skills, roller derby ready training & conditioning, stroller skating Sk8 Skills, Mommy/Daddy and Me Sk8 Skills, trail/street Sk8 Skills and Skate Guide tour services to help you with your next California roller skate adventure! Let Dottie show you the ropes!


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