Eagen, Cynthia

Company: Skateboard and Inline Skate School


Cynthia picked up skateboarding at a very young age, and fell in love instantly. She continued skateboarding throughout her childhood, eventually picking up inline skating, and, following her skate park roots, continued that into aggressive inline. Around 2013, once scootering became popular, she found interest in the discipline and picked that up as well. She is now more than competent in all four disciplines, and most importantly, excels at teaching the skills required to thrive in any of the them. Having grown up with a skate school as the family business, she has picked up tips and tricks for all types of students.  One of her strengths is being able to communicate complicated ideas clearly and simply to anyone of any age. She has taught students of nearly all skill levels, from those picking up a discipline for the first time, to advanced skaters.

Cynthia has completed certifications for High Five, Emergency First Aid, and SafeSport, alongside the Level 1 Certification from SkateIA.

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