What’s New

Skate Instructors Association is creating new programming, new ways to reach out to the skate community, and new ways to increase the number of skaters.

  • Testing/Grading for all skaters: Skate IA is launching, for 2017, the new testing and grading program. This program offers 8 skills per level and skaters can test for each level. Freestyle Slalom is rolling out the first two Grades (I & II) in the Spring with the In-Person Testing and online testing will occur in the Fall. There is a cost involved and you will receive a patch and a certificate for each Grade you complete. Basic Skills & Tricks Grading will be offered in late Spring, in person.
  • Skate PE(TM) courses are in development with the newly forming Skate PE company. This will include teaching larger classes, with less time, skates and gear to purchase and maintenance, and all the details it takes to deliver Skating to PE classes in your community. We’ve already partnered with US Speedskating to create pilot programs that have launched. Consider becoming a full time skate instructor and business owner.
  • Certifying Quad skaters  with standardized teaching to those who prefer traditional roller skates. We are the only organization that certifies Quad Skaters to teach! In the world!
  • New Certifications including Derby are now offered, contact us directly for details.
  • Freestyle Slalom & Skate Park Certifications are offered. Naomi Grigg is the Examiner and developer of the program.
  • Re-written and upgraded Level 2 Manual to include a stronger focus on better teaching.
  • New Skateboard Certification program online, no need to travel – Check out our other website,  Skateboard IA. Once you get certified, you can obtain liability insurance.
  • Our next Skate CAMP is August 18, 19, 20, 2017 in Los Angeles, California at the Mar Vista Recreation Center.  See Camp Skate IA page for details.  It is open to all skaters, at all levels. 18 hours of classes over three days.
  • New age added: Skate IA now offers certification and insurance to skaters 12 through 17 years of age (not for skateboard). This is great for assistant hockey coaches, and Youth Development and parents who teach and want to include their kids in teaching and insurance.

Contact us for more details on any of these topics.