Membership TypeNo Insurance With Insurance
Early BirdStandardEarly BirdStandardAfter May 31
Skate SchoolNot availableNot available$875$925$675

Additional Details

You may purchase individual insurance anytime during the year for $95 as long as your membership is up to date. You may purchase half year insurance (June 1-Dec 31) after May 31, 2017. The half year cost is $75.

Reinstatement must be authorized by the director prior to purchasing. You can request to be grandfathered in as a previously certified member. Reinstatement, if accepted, includes all membership logo items (patches, stickers, luggage tag/membership card, current T-shirt) and manuals for your certification, as well as the annual swag offered for membership. Contact us for details.

T-shirts will be sent out in March for those members who renew by December 31st.