Conference 2014

You can register now for the 2014 Skate Instructors Association Conference.  The event will be held at Camp Winadu in the Berkshires in Massachusetts on September 12 through the 14th.  Actual classes occur all day on that Friday, Saturday & Sunday so you should expect to fly in on Thursday and out on Monday–take a long weekend. Close to three different airports and an easy drive from four different states, it’s a must-go-to and easy-to-get-to event.  All food and lodging is inclusive. It’s a camp so we are all there together. This also means we have complete access to skating. If the weather is nice, we’ll get the outdoor venues as well, including the Aggressive Ramps.

We are excited to have the crew of Jam Skaters from New Orleans, the Rebirth Rollerz come in full force to teach and share their love of jam skating. You’ll learn new moves, improve your own skating and have a few new moves to take back to your students.  Also included will be a course on increasing the number of students and help with your website (or help building your first one!) We’ll be introducing our Learn To Skate Program at the conference with marketing materials, grid and stickers to help you build your own programs.  Naomi will be teaching more Slalom moves for us to tackle as well as bringing part of the SEBA line to introduce us to new products. With 20 hours of classes, and a facility where we can skate 24/5 it will be a win for everyone. The course list will be added to this page once it is finalized.

 2014 Conference Date: September 12-14th

What’s so great about getting together? The following highlights from our most recent SkateIA conference will give you a taste. Ah, so much fun and the skating wasn’t too bad either! Dallas on how to ride a bike and new jumps to try on skates, Skate to Ski classes with Lorne, more amazing skills to learn from Naomi on the slalom course, the Art of Skating with Trish, Kids games galore with Erika and body mechanics with Deb, just to name a few! 

2012 Conference: Inspiring Leadership

The smiles, the strong participation and the laughter  during the 2012 Conference indicated it was going to be a huge success, and that was confirmed by the anonymous survey responses afterwards. We shared 24 hours of classes and clinics, featuring hip hop warm-up each day with our Rio girl Erika, and lots of games for kids, including a wildly outlandish game of Pirates of the Caribbean.  There were classes to teach a new move, and then to teach how to teach it. That was rounded out with Slalom, Pairs and Synchronized Skating (which turned out to be a big success, oddly enough), and complementary sports that pair well with skating, such as skate-to-ski.

The classroom focus was leadership, and we spent some time looking at ideas and concepts to build it into our teaching.

The 2012 Conference was a great chance to visit Skate Crazy and the SEBA skates warehouse and try on all brands and models. A lot of new skates were shown off by our instructors the following day!

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